The Security Month is sponsored by the National Research and Education Network, through its Security Incident Response Team (CAIS) as a set of celebrations that take place every year during the month of october, in order to foster the information security culture and widely disseminate the actions promoted by the institutions that adhere.

The celebration of the Security Month seeks to create opportunities for institutions to discuss about good practices in the use of technology in their institutions and local communities




Check out the events in your area during the Security Month



Excellent initiative. We need more of these events to reach more people to become aware of Internet security.
-- Profª Débora Frota - DTI/UNILAB
Participation in the campaign / event made the students of the course participate more actively with research, reading and mainly passing on the knowledge to other students the concern that the user must have today with all the technology that we have available.
-- Profª Alessandra Hoffmann - Cesufoz
The action was very interesting as we approach the issue of ethics in information. Next year we will certainly repeat the action.
-- Michela França - Features Design







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