Joining the security month:


All research and development organizations interested in disseminating information security's culture among internet end users are invited to join the Security Month.

Why should my organization participate?

What are the practical advantages of joining the Security Month?

Why does my institution must enroll in the Security Month?


Planning the activities:


The activities may be performed during the whole month of october. The scope of each activity depends essentially on its objective and the organizational resources available. Several activities may be performed during the Security Month. It's important to say that each organization should define an initial schedule and evaluate the actual availability of resources: human resources, time and place.

How could my organization participate?

Which topics my organization could address?

How to perform your activities?

How can I promote the actions in my institution?

Defining the target audience

How to engage the audience?

Will the actions performed by my institution be promoted by CAIS/RNP?


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